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Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam

We’re a total beverages company and one of the market leaders in the beverages industry of Vietnam.

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  • “Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam (CCBV) is not just a company to work for, but a home where I belong to. ”

    Thinh Nguyen's picture
    People Management Trainee

    I have been working at Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam.


    Working at CCBV is a great gift to me:

    1. Working rotations:
    I have been rotating through almost all departments in People Team, which enables me to become a Professional Expert, People Advocate, Culture Architect & Future-ready Leader. Utilizing fully the very-short-time rotation requires me the skills of adaptability and learning agility. It has always been a stressful journey with several failures and trials, but in return I have had chances to learn, unlearn and relearn and then unleash my full potential and contribute my value to the overall growth of the company.

    2. Leadership fast track development:
    As a management trainee, I am empowered to lead countless cross-functional projects, some of which amounted to billions of VND, making me much more mature than ever before, in mindset, skillset and toolset. My skills of leading self (driving work, managing time, ensuring all projects are delivered on time and exceeding expectations, along with operational excellence during rotation periods), and leading teams have accelerated as I have had opportunities to work with diverse groups of people.
    For example, at Coke, noticing the development of society as well as within the company, with the strategy of embracing DEIB (diversity - diversity, equity - equality, inclusion - integration, belonging - belonging), I realized June 2023 was the right time to raise employee awareness about gender diversity and sexual orientation in the workplace, and so the #PrideAtCoke project was born. From coming up with ideas, presenting them to the Board of Directors (despite many times :>), and leading a cross-functional team, I brought to CCBV for the first time ever the wind of sexual orientation diversity with flying colors with many exciting yet profound activities to support the LGBTQIA+ community at Coke, at the same time stirring each employee's pride when working in an inclusive environment like Coke. The feeling of giving birth to a project, raising it and seeing it succeed is truly awesome!

    3. Borderless between Senior Leadership Team and employees:
    At CCBV, when I am a management trainee, I am privileged to build my network with the company's Senior Leadership Team through several mentoring & coaching sessions, direct project presentation and exciting reverse mentoring sessions. Sometimes, I have to present up to a dozen versions of project plans before they were approved and run. However, after each failure, it broadened my horizon to knowledge, communication, leadership skills and the way senior leaders think. In my function, every time I encounter a challenge at work, I go directly to my VP. She always gives me advice, perspective, and clear direction to help me figure out many things. This is truly a great opportunity for me, so I always cherish every moment of being an employee at Coke.

    4. Feedback-rick culture to define my own value:
    In the early stages joining the company as a fresh graduate, I was really stressed, sometimes struggling to know what I should do, and whether I chose this path right or not. With frequent refreshing conversations and real time feedbacks, I have realized many interesting things that I never thought I would do well. I have felt truly inspired when I am coached by my VP, giving me the opportunity to look deeply into myself and thus define my life & working mission & values, which gains me more motivation to try and strive for excellence. This is something I truly appreciate and enjoy when working as AFL at Coca-Cola Vietnam.

    5. Future-forward organization:
    CCBV always embraces the future to quickly adapt to the latest trends outside the market. As a vivid illustration, we are evolving to a skill-based organization, which I believe is the very first initiative in Vietnam labor market. I am so proud to be part of this journey.

    To sum up, it is not an exaggeration to say that I feel truly "uncapped" when working at CCBV.


    1. Considerable workload with instant changes in an FMCG company is sometimes unavoidable. Cokers need to be agile and know how to work smart to be successful at CCBV.

    2. A global company like CCBV has standard processes which needs involvement from many stakeholders. This can sometimes affect the project progress and timeline.

    Advice to Senior Management

    You have been doing so great to co-create an inclusive organization! Please keep it up! We all believe in you and commit to leading the transformation journey with you.

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend
  • “I have been working at Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam. ”

    My Vo's picture
    Key Account Executive- Off-premise

    I have been working at Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam.


    Here at Coca-Cola, learning is an active process: You learn by doing and through experiences.


    The air is aggressive, so you need to keep moving forward and never give up.

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend
  • “Trade Marketing Manager ”

    Huy Tran's picture
    Trade Marketing Manager

    I have been working at Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam.


    Coca-Cola lets you do what you think and you want. The empowerment is very high.


    Constant changes in the workplace will sometimes make you feel pressured to change.

    Advice to Senior Management

    Coca-Cola is an ideal working place for young talent

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend
  • “Communication Manager ”

    Anphabe User
    Communication Manager

    I have been working at Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam.


    A professional working environment where you have chance to learn and grow from all kinds of interesting projects as well as localized global programs


    Empowerment is strong so you have to sharpen your skills as in roles of both independent worker and team player.

    Yes, I would recommend this company to a friend


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